DRM's Alco RS-1

Danbury Railway Museum members gathered in the railway yard on Saturday, January 20, 1996, to have their first daylight look at Alco RS-1 Number 400, recently acquired from the Green Mountain Railroad.

Making a little smoke, No. 400 moves into the DRM yard from where it had been left early Friday morning, just inside our gate.

Ed and Tom Blackman clear snow and ice from a switch so that the locomotive can make its way into the yard.

Ed and Tom watch as the locomotive plows snow from the track. This is lots easier than shoveling it by hand! The engine sports a small snow plow, hidden behind the plowed-up snow in this photo.

The locomotive isn't really working this hard, but it's been idling for over a week now and has built up lots of deposits of partially burned fuel. Seeing this display of smoke, one of the DRM members remarked, "Yep, it's an Alco." Maybe we should try this again in July to eliminate the mosquito problem.

The intrepid DRM snow removal crew rides the front platform of the RS-1.

DRM member and professional engineer Peter McLachlan is at the controls of the Alco RS-1.

The control console of the RS-1. Not exactly the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, but it was high-tech in 1948 when the locomotive was new.

Our "new" Alco RS-1 number 400 passes one of Metro-North's "old" FL-9s.

The RS-1's horn was stored inside the engine when number 400 was shipped from Vermont. DRM members Chris Blackman and Bob Anderson mount the horn on the roof and connect it to the air supply as Mike Salata watches. By this time of the morning, enough people had arrived in the yard that we were concerned about moving the locomotive without being able to warn bystanders with the horn.

DRM member Stan Madyda looks out the door on the fireman's side of the locomotive. Note the reporting marks "DRMX 400", which were added temporarily for shipment. DRMX is the Danbury Railway Museum's official reporting mark, but we will eventually paint the numbers on properly rather than use stick-on letters.

Chris Blackman connects the air hoses between DRMX 400 and one of the DRM coaches, so that we can spot the coach on a different track.

The locomotive has been dripping crankcase oil during these movements. At the end of the working session, the oil level is checked. Upper level, left to right: Gerry Herrmann, Peter McLachlan. Lower left, left to right: Ed Blackman, Warren Hagenkotter, Lenny Hanson.

Reference photos of Alco RS-1 number 400 in the Danbury Rail Yard on January 20, 1996.

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