Preparing for Haunted Rail Yard '96

These shots were taken on Wednesday, October 23, 1996, just before the Danbury Railway Museum's Haunted Rail Yard opened for the 1996 Halloween season. Quite a number of the DRM's members stopped by to help set things up.

Pumpkin carvingDRM members Kyle Turner and his father Jeff bear a hand at preparing pumpkins for display in the station and haunted yard.

An annoying knifeSomeone has parked a meat cleaver in an uncomfortable place, namely in Shannon Turner's head.

More pumpkin carvingFrom left, Tom Blackman, Shannon Turner, Nelson Parzuchowski, and Christen Russo help with the carving.

Sue Thomas completes the lettering on some tombstones. Most refer, unflatteringly, to current DRM members. We hope we aren't really going to be remembered like that . . .

Out in the yard, old number 47 Budd car looks pretty grim. It can be scary even in the daylight, much less on a Halloween night.

A close encounter in the dark with a stranger wearing a goalie mask and wielding a knife awaits inside no. 47.

It's disconcerting to find that the person sitting next to you is being so quiet because he has a knife buried in his heart. Just when you thought taking the train was safe . . .

Right, rats scare us, too!

Much more was being prepared to entertain Halloween visitors, but we can't give away all the secrets. After all, some of this year's players may be back next year.

Photos on this page taken by Rick Simpson, using a digital camera.

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