Kids' Day 1996

Stamford, Connecticut

September 8

Visitors to the Danbury Railway Museum's display

On Sunday, September 8, 1996, the Danbury Railway Museum participated in "Kids' Day 1996", an educational fair for children held at the North Atlantic Coliseum in Stamford, Connecticut. Businesses and organizations from all over the area set up booths to show the kinds of things they do, with the aim of sparking a child's interest in their area of operations or expertise.

The DRM's booth had our portable HO-scale model train layout, constructed by DRM member Ira Pollack, some train videos, lots of giveaway literature, and a portable computer displaying our Web site. We had hoped to have a telphone line so that we could actually be on the Internet during the fair (and thus be able to show Web sites in addition to our own), but we weren't able to arrange that.

What we did have was a digital still camera attached to the computer, a Chinon ES-3000. With it we took pictures of some of the kids who visited our booth. It was all done in real time: we would take a picture, transfer the image to the computer, perform a little bit of image tweaking (cropping, gamma correction, contrast enhancement), and write a JPEG file. We then added the image to a Web page that we were creating, and showed the results to the kids and their parents. Without exception, they loved it. These pages are a record of the kids that visited us and the pictures we took.

They all loved the HO model train, too (a couple of the pictures show kids enthralled by the running trains). It just shows that trains have an enduring appeal for all ages (but of course we all knew that!).

The pictures

We took almost 50 pictures; even as thumbnails (tiny images), they would take a long time to download if they were all on one page. Instead, we've placed them on three separate pages. On each page, you can click on a small image to see a full-size version of that image. Sizes vary due to cropping and the fact that some were recorded at different resolutions by the camera (we were experimenting with the different camera settings).

Follow these links to the picture pages:

Pictures I -- Gabriel, Lenore, Terri, Gerry, Snook, Rodger, Christina, Kristen, Lauren, Charles, Ryan, Renard, Jazzmen, Renold, Ray, Meg, Steve, Steven, Leo, Kara, Tricia, Catherine, and "Fish".

Pictures II -- Matthew, Sheen, Mandy, Matt, Thomas, Sabrina, Samantha, Zack, Matthew, Nicoke, Valerie, Daniel, Ilana, Ilana (yes, a different Ilana), James, Shanique, Shawn, and Jordan.

Pictures III -- Anthony, Bill, Ted, Brad, Timothy, Michael, Brittany, Lauren (with teddy bear Megan), Daly, Cassandra, Geysa, Brandon, Lester, Jordan, and Silvio.

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