Welcome To New Years Eve 2000

At The

Danbury Railway Museum

This New Years Eve, as in recent years, the City of Danbury plans

and co-ordinates a series of events and activities for patrons to enjoy.

The Danbury Railway Museum was on that list.

This year's entertainment was the country/western band "Due-West"

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Early in the evening, the band sets-up and we prepare for the crowds.


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As the night progresses, the shuttle service drops people at our

doorstep. The crowd builds. Nearly 500 people visited our museum.


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Richard mans the refreshments.

Then At Midnight!

The Fireworks Begin!

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A Spectacular Display!

Launched right from the Train Yard!

After the Fireworks.

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When all the excitement is over, we eat, and socialize

and sit back and watch....

....Train videos!


Thanks to Mike Miciukiewicz for the New Year's eve page. Visit his personal website at: http://www.mikes-stuff.com












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