Danbury Public Library Nonprofit Information Provider Registration For the Danbury Community Network

Thank you for your interest in providing information to the Danbury Community Network (DCN) through the Danbury Public Library's computer. The Library is one of eight partners in the DCN.

As part of our contribution to the Community Net, Danbury Library hosts Web pages for non-profit organizations in Danbury. To insure that the information on the DCN is a valuable and up-to-date resource for the greater Danbury area, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines below. This form should be signed and returned to Sondra Grossi, Danbury Public Library, 170 Main St., Danbury, CT 06810. If you have questions regarding this form or submitting information to the Network through the library, call Sondra Grossi at (203)797-4505.


Authorized Representative of the Organization:__________________________________




City:_________________________ State: _____________ ZIP:_______________________

Telephone:___________________ FAX:________________ Email:_______________________________

Do you certify that your organization is non-profit, and has a 501 (c) tax status ? ____ yes

Person authorized to submit and update your organization's files on the Community Network:

Name_________________________ E-mail _________________________________Phone ____________

What Name Do You Want Assigned to Your Website? _____________________________________________

This will appear on the Internet as www.danbury.org/your organization's name

Each organization agrees to post a link back to the CNET home page www.danbury.org .

Signature _________________________________

  1. Agree not to post defamatory material, hate messages, nor material that is deemed obscene under Connecticut law.
  2. Assume responsibility for any programs, information, messages or other materials that you submit, upload, or post to the Danbury Community Network (DCN) through the Danbury Public Library. Responsibility for the accuracy and appropriate content of the material submitted lies with the submitting organization. Under no circumstances will the Partner organizations of the DCN, City of Danbury or the Danbury Public Library be liable for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information submitted by your organization to the DCN; nor does the Danbury Public Library warrant that the functions of this system will meet any specific requirements you may have nor that it will provide error free or uninterrupted service.
  3. Agree to maintain the viability of information on the Library's computer by reviewing your organization's material at least annually and adjusting content as needed to maintain relevance, accuracy and accessibility. Keeping calendar and events information up-to-date is the responsibility of your organization. Any material that is more than 6 months out of date may be removed from the Library's server.
  4. Agree to comply with current copyright laws and not post any copyrighted materials or images on Library's server without the permission of the copyright holders.
  5. Send written notice from the authorized representative of the organization to the Danbury Public Library should your organization choose to withdraw from the DCN. The library will remove the organizations files from it's server and the DCN menu within 30 days of notification and provide the organization with a copy of its files from the Library's computer.
  6. The Danbury Public Library reserves the right to make any policy decision necessary to ensure that the information residing on the Library's server is in coordination with the policies of the Library and the City of Danbury. Organizations will be notified in writing of any policy changes affecting the files on the DCN. A policy decision may include the termination of the rights of access of the submitting organization for one or more violations of the provisions contained herein. Said termination may occur only after a hearing in which the affected parties will be afforded an opportunity to explain their respective reason(s) for any violation. Any such hearing shall be presided over by an officer designated and appointed by the Mayor, but which officer shall not be an employee or an officer of the City of Danbury. The determination of the hearing officer shall be final.
  7. Agree not to submit advertising, or information on sale or rental of items for commercial gain for inclusion through the Danbury Library's server for inclusion on the DCN.
  8. The submitting organization shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the DCN, the City of Danbury and the Danbury Public Library from any and all actions, suits or claims arising out of any defamatory, illegal or other prohibited material placed on the Community Network.

Danbury Community Network ~ www.danbury.org/aboutus/dplform.htm ~12/8/2011