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Uploading Files to the Server  Using FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The Danbury Community Network uses File Transfer Protocol software to upload files. Directions for transfer of files using an FTP program:


Many good programs are available. We recommend WS_FTP LE.
The software is available at: http://www.ipswitch.com/downloads/index.html

be sure to download the Home not the PRO version.

FTP Setup

Once you have downloaded and opened the Windows program it is straightforward to set up using the following information:

  Profile Name: The name you want to call this profile
   For Example: Organization name or initials: library, drm

  Host Name: www.danbury.org

  Host Type: automatic detect

  User ID: The ftp login id sent to you.

 Anonymous box: unchecked.

  Password: The password assigned for your ftp login id

Connecting using FTP

Then click on OK to connect to our server. You may be prompted for your password again. Two screens appear. On the left is a listing of the files on your local system, the computer you are working at. On the right are the files in your directory on the remote system , the CNET server.

Transfer files or directories back and forth (i.e. from your computer to the remote system or vice versa) by clicking on the file you wish to move and pressing the left or right arrow in the middle of the page. The file or directory will then be transferred.

For assistance with FTP or User ID/Password Problems: Contact Sondra Grossi, Danbury Library, sgrossi@danburylibrary.org



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