“700 Words or less”
It is important to write down or record these stories before they are lost forever.
We would like to put them in booklet form, possibly as a fundraiser for both the Danbury Railway Museum and the SoNo Switch Tower Museum.

We are looking for:

  ** Railroader nicknames and how they came about.

  ** A collection of stories, memorable events or moments
while working on the railroad.

Along with your story please provide your name, address, email address,
and the railroad you worked for and date of hire if applicable.

Your story will be put in “quotes so as to keep the flavor of the language intact”.
If concerned with retaliation by your employer, please write “Keep Anonymous”.

Email to:  suzeb80@gmail.com

Or mail to: 
Suzanne Blackman 
P.O. Box 8073
New Fairfield, CT  06812