Danbury Railway Museum

Application for MembershipDate ____________

Your name:__________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
Phone - (home) _______________________ (work)__________________________
email ___________________________________________________
Which membership do you prefer?

Individual ......... $40 Memberships (except life)
Family* ........... $50 are renewable each year.
Retired Railroader $20  
Lifetime .............. $400  
Patron .............. $200  
Corporate ........ $500  

The museum needs your participation to further it's development. If you can actively
participate in the museum, please give us some information as to the areas in which you can help

____ Rolling Stock Restoration/Maintenance ____ Gift Shop
____ Work on track and structures ____ Library
____ Museum staff and tour guide ____ Events staff
____ Model Railroad building/maintenance ____ Other ___________
____ Exhibits (research, construction, etc.)    
____ Office (tickets, fundraising, etc)    
____ Operating Crew    
____ I am retired    
____ I can volunteer during normal work day hours  

To apply for membership, please print and complete this application and send it with a check in the amount you have indicated to:

    Membership Chairman
Danbury Railway Museum P.O. Box 90 Danbury, Connecticut 06813

Upon acceptance, we will send out your member materials. We look forward to meeting you!
For additional information or if you have any questions, call the museum at (203) 778-8337.

For office use only:
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