The Bullard's flat cars

The recovery of five flat cars from former Bullard Company machine tool manufacturing plant in Fairfield, CT.

On June 25, a DRM crew traveled to the site of the former Bullard works in Fairfield to prepare five flat cars of New Haven and Central Vermont heritage for movement to the Museum.

On Location(click on picture for larger image)

Bullard's siding with two cars showing, remainder hidden by vegetation The siding
Two cars may be seen in this westward view, with the remaining three still trapped in several years of growth next to the building. The Metro North mainline is to the right, past the fence.
Mike, Tim, Ira & Dan clearing brush


Slowly but surely
The cars are gradually freed from the clutches of bushes, vines and 4-6" trees which have grown around and sometimes through parts of the wood deck. Note the archbar truck on the second car.
Mike, Tim & Ira The crew
From left are Mike Miciukiewicz, Tim Pipelow, and Ira Pollack. Not pictured are Dan Foley, Randy Natale and Geoff Knees. Note the density of the vegetation and the growth in the deck of the cars.

Photos by Geoff Knees


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