DRM Train Show & Open House '96

Part Three

Shopping and viewing of displays

Crowd entering station at openingTicket booth

Shopping in the stationBudd car approaching platformN-scale layout

Once the show opens, crowds of visitors stream past the dealers' booths. On the lower left, rail spikes from the Danbury rail yard have been worked into decorative items. An artist shows his work in the center photo, while on the right a group of visitors views the operating layout of the Connecticut N-Gaugers.

An excursion train trip

Stan talking with train crewSpecial about to depart

The first excursion train of the weekend, the Maybrook Line Special, boards at Union Station for an 11:30 departure. The trip ran from Danbury over the rails of the old Maybrook Line to Beacon, New York, on the Hudson River. In the photo on the left Stan Madyda, in charge of the trip for the DRM, speaks to the Metro-North train crew. On the right, the two FL-9s that will pull the train are on the track next to the station, ready to move out.

Passengers in car 1Closeup of nose of FL-9

Passengers from Danbury got to see portions of their city that they never see from their automobiles, and some were heard speculating on exactly where they were until familiar landmarks like Danbury Fair Mall came into view. On the right is the view from the vestibule of car no. 1, of the nose of the train's second FL-9 locomotive.

Stopped for run-byCrowd watching run-byRun-by in action

In Beacon Falls, New York, the train stopped and let passengers disembark for a photo opportunity: a run-by. In the left two photos, people are getting set up to take photographs and video; on the right, the train moves past the crowd, making plenty of noise for those making sound recordings.


At the end of a long but enjoyable trip. The Maybrook Line Special reached Danbury again just after 6:00 pm. On Sunday, two shorter trips ran over part of the same route. In all, more than 1,500 passengers rode the excursion trains.

About these pictures

These photos were taken by Rick Simpson. Most were shot with a standard 35mm SLR; the color negatives were scanned onto a Kodak Photo-CD and from there were converted to JPEG images for these Web pages. As an experiment, some were taken with a Casio QV-10 digital camera. Resolution of these is nowhere near that of a Photo-CD (it should be obvious which pictures were taken with which camera), but no film processing or scanning is required. The images were downloaded directly to the computer used to produce these Web pages, and exist nowhere as physical prints or slides. The digital camera provided a means to get photos onto these pages quickly, and the first versions of the pages were done entirely with QV-10 digital images. Once Photo-CD processing was complete, many of the original pictures were replaced by higher-resolution 35mm images.

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