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You can create a legacy
Over the years, endowments and memorial gifts to the FRIENDS have enabled the library to develop programs and services it could not have managed to pay for otherwise.

How can you create such a legacy? Simply include a bequest to the FRIENDS of the Danbury Library in your will, or ask friends and relatives to give in your memory.

To acknowledge those who have included the FRIENDS in their planning, we have established a Legacy Society.

Members will receive a certificate of membership. Their names will be read aloud at the annual membership meeting in June, and listed in the annual minutes.

Gifts will be commemorated with a bookplate recognizing the donor's gift to the library.

To become a member of the Legacy Society, simply let us know about the commitment you have made to the FRIENDS.

And if you want to make a congratulatory gift—for a special birthday, a graduation, the birth of a child or grandchild—just tell us. We would love to join the celebration!


The Friends Legacy Society
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