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The creator of a charitable remainder trust may name himself, a beneficiary, a charity, or another party as trustee. The trustee has control of and responsibility for the operation of the trust, including investment management and trust administration.

Life Fund Services specializes in the independent administration of charitable remainder trusts, making it possible for non-professionals to act as trustee and use the financial, legal, and insurance advisors of their choice. The comprehensive adminsistration program from Life Fund Services gives you the widest possible choice of trust investments and advisors.

Donor Services
Customized Financial Illustrations and Comparisons
Trust Planning and Consultation
Appraisal Assistance
Deduction Calculation
Income Tax Documents
  • Contribution Substantiation
  • Actuarial Calculations
Gift/Estate Tax Information
Trustee Services
Taxpayer ID Number
Investment Accounting
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Annual Valuation
Distribution Processing
  • Liquidity Requirements Projection
  • Distribution Notification
Trust Accounting
Fiduciary Information Return Preparation
Annual Financial Reports
Beneficiary Services
Distribution Notification
Tax Return Documents
Charitable Remainder Valuation

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