Middle-Way Meditation Center
Danbury, CT    860-355-7069    venwisdom@gmail.com


The Middle-Way Meditation Center
(Madhyamika Bhavana Vihara) meets at

No Place Like Om,
45 Padanaram Rd., Danbury CT 06811.

Meditation is at 7 p.m. on Thursday evenings. Sessions are led by Ven. Ocean-of Wisdom Sakya (ThichHaiTri) or a Dharmacarya.

Please come 10 minutes early for instructions. In accordance with the Dharma, the meditation is free.  No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

The MMC currently provides a Buddhist resource library, a Buddhist Studies Program, retreats, and counseling by appointment. 860-355-7069

If further interested in the programs of the Middle-Way Meditation Center and the Middle-Way Peace Order please click here to visit our Facebook page.