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Morning Aspirations

May the Buddha guide my thoughts and actions throughout the day.

May Dhamma help me to be strong in moments of weakness, brave in times of trouble, and calm in the face of changing fortunes.

May the Sangha inspire to act with kindness, patience, and forgiveness in my dealings with others, including those who are unfriendly to me.

May the Arahants and the Bodhisattvas guide me in my daily life.

May the world be blessed with peace and prosperity.

May I have the opportunity today to help someone in need of my love and support. I shall not waste this life in useless pursuits but use it well to bring happiness and benefit to all beings.

May the Buddha be in my head, the Dhamma in my heart, and the Sangha at my side to bless and protect me always.

May all beings, including those that have harmed me, find peace.

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