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New Mass Settings

Below are links to many of the new and revised Mass settings. These were provided by Gerry Belanger, Choir Manager St Rose of Lima, Newtown, CT.


From GIA

Revised Mass Settings (11)

Mass of Creation - G-7694  Marty Haugen
Mass of Remembrance- G-7843 Marty Haugen
Mass of Light  - G-7771David Haas
Mass for the Life of the World  - G-7845 David Haas
German Mass - G-7530 Franz Peter Schubert Arranged by Richard Proulx
Mass for the City - G-7805 Richard Proulx
A Community Mass - G-7810 Richard Proulx
Jubilation Mass - G-7807 James Chepponis
Missa Pacem - G-7663 L. Randolph Babin
Mass of St. Cyprian - G-7806 Kenneth W. Louis
Mass of the Angels and Saints- G-7846 Steven Janco


New Mass Serttings  (12)

Storrington Mass - G-7696 Marty Haugen
The Sound of My People - G-7748 M. Roger Holland II
Mass for a New World - G-7803 David Haas
Unity Mass - G-7808 Norah Duncan IV
Mass of Joy and Peace - G-7813 Tony Alonso
Mass for a Servant Church - G-7851 Michel Guimont
Mass of Plenty - G-7859 Rob Glover
Mass from Age to Age- G-7860 Chris de Silva
Black Mountain Liturgy - G-7861 Sally Ann Morris
The Glendalough Mass - G-7862 Liam Lawton, Arranged by Paul A. Tate
Missa Ad Gentes: Maryknoll Centennial Mass - G-7864 Michael Joncas
Misa Una Santa Fe/One Holy Faith Mass  - G-7853 Ronald F. Krisman


From OCP

Revised Mass Settings  (9)

Celtic Mass by Christopher WalkerHeritage Mass by Owen Alstott  Mass for Teresa of Calcutta by Bob Fabing, SJ
Mass of God's Promise by Dan Schutte
Mass of Glory by Ken Canedo and Bob Hurd
Misa del Pueblo Inmigrante by Bob Hurd
Missa Ubi Caritas by Bob Hurd
Mass of a Joyful Heart by Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek
Mass of the Incarnate Word (The Hurd Mass revised) by Bob Hurd


 New Mass Settings  (18)

Belmont Mass by Christopher Walker
Mass of Christ the Redeemer by Bernard Kirkpatrick
Mass of Christ the Savior by Dan Schutte  

Mass of the Holy Angels by Gerard Chiusano
Mass of New Life by Scott Soper
Mass of Renewal by Curtis Stephan
Mass of Spirit and Grace by Ricky Manalo, CSP
Mass of St. Frances Cabrini by Kevin Keil
Mass of St. Gregory the Great by Luke Mayernik
Mass of St. John by Bobby Fisher
Mass of St. Paul the Apostle by Christopher Walker

Mass of the Most Holy Trinity by Ken Canedo Mass of the New Covenant by Gael Berberick and Barney Walker
Mass of the Resurrection by Randall DeBruyn
Mass of the Sacred Heart by Timothy R. Smith
Misa Santa Cecilia by Estela García-López and Rodolfo López
Misa Santa Fe by Mary Frances Reza
Missa Magis by Christopher Willcock, SJ


From WLP

Revised Mass Settings (6) (Includes Sing Praise and Thanksgiving)

Mass of Redemption Steven R. Janco
People's Mass Jan M. Vermulst (1925–1994)
Mass for Christian Unity Jan M. Vermulst (1925–1994)
Sing Praise and Thanksgiving J. Michael Joncas
Misa Luna Peter Kolar
Mass of JoyKathleen Demny


New Mass Settings  (6)

Mass of Wisdom - Steven R. Janco
Mass of Awakening - Scott Soper
Mass of Grace  - Lisa Stafford
Mass of Charity and Love - Steven C. Warner
Mass of Our Lady - Steven C. Warner, Karen Schneider Kirner
Mass of Saint Ann - Ed Bolduc

From Good for the Soul Publishing (1)
Mass of Renewal - William Gokelman and David Kauffman

Total revised: 26
Total New: 37

Grand total: 63

Gerry Belanger, Choir Manager
St Rose of Lima, Newtown, CT

Last updated 2011-09-14