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A Message from the Director

Greetings and Happy Easter! I hope this message finds you all at peace with yourselves and with your loved ones!


It has been an unsettled time recently within our Bridgeport Chapter of NPM—we have had three resignations from our Board of Directors for various personal reasons and we need your help in filling those positions if the work of NPM is to continue in our diocese.


The open positions are:

Coordinator for Planning—two basic responsibilities: The selection of topics for the Showcase portion of the chapter meeting, in consultation with the board of Chapter officers, and recruiting volunteers for the Showcases and the Exchanges for Learning portion of the meeting.


Assistant Director for Recruiting—two main responsibilities: First, to encourage people to attend meetings, and second, to support the Director and replace the Director if he/she is unable to be present at a meeting or is unable to continue as the Director.


Fellowship Coordinator—to facilitate the social and prayer portions of the meeting (i.e. coordinate with the host parish to provide refreshment at the conclusion of the meeting).


Please prayerfully consider volunteering for a place on the Board—we need your help! If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you and God bless! Maria


Officers for 2014

Maria O'Kelly - Chapter Director

Mgr Andrew Varga - Worship Coordinator and Newsletter Editor

**Open - Coordinator for Recruiting

Dan Kean - Treasurer

Gloria Hudson - Secretary

**Open - Coordinator for planning,

Catherine Larson - Website Editor

**Open - Fellowship coordinator

These positions will be held for a two year term.

Please fill out our registration and return!


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