The News Times, October 28, 1995

October 31st. not harmless fun; that's another lie of Satan

By Rev. Barry Fredericks

We could trace the origins of Halloween back to the Druids, the demon god Baal, witchcraft, animal sacrifices, human sacrifices and the belief that spirits of the dead roam the earth on October 31st, but we won't.

We could also look at jack o' lanterns, costumes, trick or treat and the like, and see that these "fun" things are demonic in origin as well. We won't do that either.

What I would like to do is share what the Bible has to say about the "being" that ultimately is celebrated and exalted on October 31st. The "being" that gets all of the attention ultimately on Halloween, is Satan.

He exists and the Bible has much to say about him. This article is not my opinion, rather It is highlighting what God's holy Word has to say about "the evil one". I encourage you read this and then make your own decision concerning the wisdom of celebrating Halloween.

First of all, Satan began as a created being, and angel. He has power, given to him by God, but that power, is nothing compared with the power of God Almighty. His name was Lucifer, his beauty was magnificent and he was created good by Almighty God. He had a free will, and one day in eternity past,, because of his jealousy against God, he rebelled against God and convinced one third of all of the angels to rebel with him. His rebellion was crushed by God and Lucifer, now called Stan, was cast down tot he earth (Isaiah 14/ Ezekiel 28)

Satan was humiliated and his primed screamed for revenge. When the time came for God to create man, God gave Adam and Eve authority over Satan. Adam was created to rule the earth. The proof of this is that Satan, in the form of a serpent, had to deceive Eve in order to cause their sin of disobedience. He did not have the authority to walk into the Garden and take the control of the earth away from Adam and Eve. Once Adam and Eve sinned against God, Satan assumed the authority God gave his first humans. Chaos and heartbreak have ensued since then.

Of all of God's magnificent creation, mankind was His most precious and beloved. Satan, wise enough to know not to wage war with God again, has made it his goal to get back at God by destroying mankind any and every way he can. Those deceived into serving Stan, have believed his promise of fame, wealth and power (which he may temporarily give). His pride cries out for the worship of humanity,,, but he gives death and destruction only in return. His only desire is to see people damned and separated from God, thus in a sense, "hurting" God.

The Lord Jesus Christ called Satan a liar (John 8:44). Satan is also called the one who deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9). What are some of his lies? Here are just a few:

Jesus also called Satan a murderer (John 8:44) and said that Satan's goals for your life are to steal from you, to kill you and to destroy you (John 10:10). He murders and kills by sowing hatred and jealousy between people, races and nations. He offers drugs and alcohol to make us "feel good," when his only interest is that we would demean and destroy ourselves with them.

The word witchcraft in the New Testament comes from a root word describing drugs. He loves to kill people with sickness, for he is the author of sickness and disease, and the n blame God.

The Lord Christ healed a woman who was literally bent in half for 18 years Jesus explains to those who saw the miracle that Satan has bound her all of this time (Luke 13:16). The Bible says that Jesus Christ was empowered by the Holy Spirit to do good and to heal all who were oppressed by the devil (Satan) (Acts 10:38).

Again, in John 10:10, Jesus said that Satan desired to destroy you (in addition to killing you).l What does this term destroy mean? Satan's ultimate goal is to prevent you from ever having a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan does all he can to keep prayer out of schools, to prohibit nativity scenes at Christmas (since Halloween is a wiccan religious holiday, to be fair, it should be forbidden in our schools just like Easter and Christmas are). He ridicules the authenticity of the Bible. Stan tries tot ell everyone that all Christians are hypocrites when a few make mistakes. He tells us god is just waiting for us to sin so that God can punish us real good (the Bible tells us Jesus was already punished for our sins and the only sin that we musts remove is the sin of not believing what Jesus did for us).l

Satan will lie, deceive, murder, do anything/say anything he has to prevent you from ever knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants you to be in hell, eternally separated from God, in eternal torment, just like he is going to be.

Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and He did (I John 3:8). Satan is still here, but Jesus has set free the people who believe Jesus is the son f God and that He died for our sins. God did not say that a Christian would not face trials., but He did say that by believing His word and having faith in Him that we would overcome and be victorious over Satan's attacks. When you are Born Again, you can stand against Satan, triumphant over his efforts to hurt you.

Time has only allowed me to share briefly some of the things that the Bible says about Satan. Documented acts done in the name of Satan would sicken you. October 31st.. is not the harmless fun day it is made out to be. That is merely another lie of Satan. God help us never to honor anything that has to do with Satan.

The Rev, Barry Fredericks is pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship in Newtown.