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April 23, 2001 Holocaust Memorial Service
was held at St. Gregory the Great Church
and attended by many congregations.

As the beauty of God's rainbow is made up of a diversity of colors and not solely one color, so the beauty of God's grandeur is seen in His creation of humanity, reflected through the faces of many colors, cultures and creeds. The Rainbow Place celebrates and explores that which unites us and that which brings out the best of a humanity, which is created in the image, and likeness of God.

As we develop, we will offer:

LINKS: sites that celebrate diversity and acceptance
ACTIVITIES: activities for children to do

To inform about acts of hatred in our vicinity and to solicit an immediate response.


    a) To bring to website visitors positive community building events and to publicize the same.

    b) To provide a place for communication of ideas that foster a truly Rainbow Place

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Contact: Rabbi Bradd Boxman, Rev. Angelo Arrando, Rev. Mary Lou Howson

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