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Welcome to the “For Staff Only” section where we will be providing information to keep you informed about the programs and activities of DSLC.  We plan to update information here frequently so check us out once a week.  Also, don’t forget to visit SeniorNet’s national website to see our organization from a more global perspective.

Before you browse this section, please quickly review our website policies and procedures. (Click here)

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DSLC Website Policies & Procedures 

The DSLC website was established to inform the public, prospective students/volunteers and current volunteer staff of the purpose, programs and activities of our organization.

The website and contents therein have been designed and are updated by staff appointed by the DSLC Coordinators.  The Coordinators have the sole discretion to determine what is appropriate content for the site and to authorize any additions, changes or deletions of text, graphics, photos, or other material.

We welcome suggestions for changes to the site from any volunteer of the DSLC.

Volunteers may request that their personal information not appear on any member listings, including the list that appears in this “For Staff Only” section.  Note that this section is password protected.  However, unauthorized persons could still have access to it.  To opt off all published member lists, please provide written notification to the Chair of the DataBase Administration Committee.

The personal information of any member on our member lists is not to be provided to anyone other than a current SeniorNet volunteer or student without the member’s permission.  No one except the DSLC Coordinators have authority to distribute this list to anyone outside the organization.  Please protect our members’ privacy.

All requests for updates to the website (additions, changes, deletions) are to be made in writing via regular mail/e-mail/fax to the Chair of the Communications Committee.

Contact information is:                Joseph E. Kelly
                                                103 Taunton Hill Rd.
                                                Newtown, CT  06470
                                                (203) 270-1252
                                                e-mail:  jkelly003@earthlink.net
                                                fax:  (561) 365-2773

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