St. Ann Melkite Greek Catholic Church

181 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, Connecticut

Stunning in its architecture, rich in its heritage - St. Ann Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Danbury, Connecticut represents an exquisite amalgam of old and new, of simplicity and a joyous, sensuous testimony to the Glory of God.

The visitor is invited in to Saturday evening Vespers,  to Orthros (Morning Prayers) and to the Divine Liturgy, all replete with candlelight, incense, and voices raised in song according to ancient forms which hearken back to the era of the church's founding in Byzantine times.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is a Byzantine Catholic Church and one of the 21 Eastern Churches in union with Rome. The church originated in Antioch "where the disciples were first called Christians" and in the United States, our parish, founded in Danbury in 1910, is one of some 40 parishes and several missions in the Eparchy of Newton (Massachusetts).  The church is lead by the pastor, Reverend Dr. Michael K. Skrocki and the Eparchial Bishop, Archbishop Cyril S. Bustros.


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