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Advisory Council



Advisory Council Mission Statement
St. Gregory Parish Council exists for the purpose of establishing and nurturing leadership for our parish as a Catholic Christian community of faith.

We believe that such leadership should strive for the transformation of people, for the identification of ministry needs and competent ministers, and for the sake of responsible planning and decision making for the future of our parish community.

We believe that our mission will be accomplished most effectively by promoting a sense of community, proclaiming the gospel, encouraging worship and prayer, and fostering a spirit of service to others.

We commit ourselves to personal growth and development as well as openness to the creative and saving grace of God.

Fundamentally, Council members strive to understand how our faith in God invites, challenges, and promises us a new life. Not a life separate from our everyday lives, but an everyday life within which we easily know and experience the person, power, and presence of Jesus Christ. Toward this end the work of the Council strives to insure that through its work the following core values will be guaranteed for the parish:



Parish Council

Executive Committee

Chairperson -Peter Buzaid
Vice Chairperson - Janice Rudisill
Secretary - Edward Smythe


Standing Committee

Administrative Services - Andrew Miller
Christian Education & Formation - Peggy Forster
Christian Service Liaison - Stephanie Martin
Parish & Community Life - Barbara Bozeman
Spiritual Life & Worship Liaison - Bob Chiochio




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