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Faith Formation

Formation in our faith should be an ongoing process throughout all stages of life.  Faith Formation at our parish is under the direction of Mrs. Mary Ann Houser.  Educating our youth begins with instruction for expectant parents prior to presenting their child for Baptism and continues for all ages in various forms, including our intergenerational process called CROSSROADS. 

For additional information, contact Mary Ann Houser.

Pre-Baptism   Youth Group
Terrific Twos   R.C.I.A.
Celebrate the Lectionary   Scripture Study
Grades K-6   Intergenerational - CROSSROADS
Grades 7-8    


Faith Formation Calendars: K-6 Calendar | First Eucharist/ First Reconcilliation |
Junior High (Grade 7) Faith Formation Calendar | Junior High (Grade 8) Faith Formation Calendar | Confirmation 2013 Calendar

Programs exist for each stage of development. Pre-registration is required for each program.  Contact Mrs. Mary Ann Houser for more information.