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Holocaust Memorial

Lest We Forget
An Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Service

April 27, 2003

First Congregational Church, Middle Way Meditation Center, St. Gregory the Great R. C. Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Society and United Jewish Center come together to say

Never Again!


This Resolution was originally signed in 2000 by the First Congregational Church and St. Gregory the Great. Since then, St. Paul's, Singing Bowl Sanga Interfaith AIDS Ministry have added their names.

welcoming guests

People from many faiths came together on this night to resolve not be silent when evil rears it's ugly head.

Lighting the candles

Clergy joined together to hear readings, testimony and to pray.

Fr. Arrando

We now light seven candles. Six we light in memory of the six million...


...and a seventh on for the generations of the future that they may be beacons of light to all.


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void.

Readers from many congregations shared the story of the Creation.


Cantor Kessler from the United Jewish Center led the congregation in Hebrew prayer

Rabbi Boxman

Rabbi Bradd Boxman introduces Mr. Kaiser, a Holocaust survivor.

Canter Keiser

Mr. Kaiser retells the horror of the Holocaust and the annihilation of his family.


Readers tell stories of brave people who tried to help the Jews by hiding them in their house and smuggling them to other countries. Some were hidden in monasteries and convents.


But many were captured, imprisoned and killed.

Children of the Holocaust Children of the Holocaust
A video depicted the horror of the children of the Holocaust. Their childhood was lost to imprisonment, torture, separation from family and death.


The congregation listens intently to the stories

Boughton Mayor Mark Boughton recalls defending his teaching of the Holocaust to his high school students. If we do not learn from history we are destined to repeat it.


Mayor Boughton presents Rev. Angelo Arrando with a proclamation from the the City of Danbury commemorating this remembrance.


From the seventh candle, all the candles are lit as voices are joined in singing Let There Be Peace On Earth.


After the service, clergy and the congregation shared friendships and refreshments.


The Holocaust drew its fiery breath from the ancient, some times latent, but always persistent anti-Semitism which, over the centuries, found too large a place within the hearts of too many Christian men and women. Yet since the Holocaust, Christians have struggled to learn the reasons for our irrational feelings against that special people for whom God's mercy endures forever, to deal with those feelings, and to overcome them through knowledge, understanding, dialog and love.


Lest We Forget - Never Again!