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Congratulations! Your love for one another has brought you to this moment in your lives. It is because of this love that you have come to Saint Gregory's to invite us to be a part of your celebration. You have already begun to make preparations for your celebration, a celebration you want to be most beautiful, most expressive of your hopes and dreams for the future. We welcome you to celebrate and solemnize your wedding with us in the context of prayer as a people of faith. All of our celebrations are rooted in listening to the Scriptures so that we can be nourished and strengthened by God's Word.


Although the marriage celebration focuses upon the bride and groom, the ceremony is not a "private" celebration. In one sense, marriage is very personal since you pledge yourselves to each other in an intimate and lasting union. But it is more. Marriage celebrations acknowledge first and foremost the presence of Jesus in those assembled within the church.


This in no way implies that our marriage celebrations aren't personal. They are personal but not private. All of our celebrations are for the building up of the Community of Disciples in faith. In this spirit, St. Gregory's Parish provides guidelines for celebrating weddings in the building which shelters the prayer of our community. We look forward to work with you to make your marriage day special.


If you should need any help, please do not hesitate to call the Rectory (797-0222) or email.