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R.C.I.A. Process

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


The journey of our catechumens begins when they sense that God is calling them into a deeper relationship with Him. Each catechumen approaches a local faith Assembly to walk the journey with them. The purpose of the scrutinies is spiritual. The scrutinies are intended to purify the catechumens’ minds and hearts and to strengthen them against temptation, to purify their intentions, and to help make them firm in their resolve, so that they may remain more closely united with Christ Jesus and make progress in their efforts to love God more deeply. May our example and our prayers guide them to the Risen Christ.

Elect of God, Candidates of God, please come forward with your family and sponsors as I call your names

Elect of God, Candidates of God, please silence your minds and hearts and focus upon God’s love for you. You have been chosen; please bow your heads in prayer.

Let us pray for the elect whom the church has chosen in the person of our Bishop, William Lori. Let us pray for these our brothers and sisters seeking to complete the sacraments of initiation. May they successfully complete their long preparation and at the paschal feast find Jesus in his sacraments.



That these your chosen, may ponder the word of god in their hearts and learn its meaning more fully day by day, let us pray to the lord:

That these, your chosen, may learn to know Christ Jesus, who came to save what was lost, let us pray to the lord:

That these, your chosen, may humbly confess themselves to be sinners and come to receive your forgiveness, let us pray to the lord:

That these, your chosen, may sincerely reject everything in their lives that is displeasing and contrary to Christ Jesus, let us pray to the lord.

That the Holy Spirit, who searches every heart, may help them to overcome their weakness through his power, let us pray to the Lord:

That we ourselves in preparation for the Easter feast may seek a change of heart, give ourselves to prayer, and persevere in our good works, let us pray to the lord.

God our father, you sent your son to be our savior. Grant that these, your elect and your chosen ones may turn to the Lord Jesus as they hear his word and acknowledge the sins and weaknesses that burden them down.

Protect them from relying too much on themselves and never let the powers of evil deceive them.

Free them from the spirit of falsehood, so that, admitting the wrong they have done, they may attain purity of heart and advance on the way to salvation.

We ask this through christ our lord. Amen

Lord Jesus, you are the fountain we thirst for; you are the teacher we seek; in your merciful wisdom you touch our sinful hearts so that we may worship the father in spirit and in truth.

Now, by your power, free these elect from all-evil, as they draw nearer to your son. Touch their hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit, that they may come to know the father, in true faith, which expresses itself in love, for you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen/

Watch the entire 1st Scrutiny

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