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R.C.I.A. Process

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


The journey of our catechumens begins when they sense that God is calling them into a deeper relationship with Him. Each catechumen approaches a local faith Assembly to walk the journey with each one of them. Our sisters and brothers have been faithful to that journey. Their journey is no different than ours. They are called, as we are, to progress in sincere self knowledge in a serious appraisal of self, and in true penance. The ultimate goal of the journey is to bring them and ourselves to the table of the Lord. May their example and our prayers guide us to the Risen Christ.

John and Mary Alice are the coordinators of the RCIA Process. They now come forward to call the Elect and candidates by name.

My brothers and sisters, these elect, these chosen, come before us this Sunday to receive our prayer, the prayer of the church. on this Fourth Sunday of Lent we celebrate the second of a series of scrutinies to help them purify their faith experience.


Let us now pray for these elect whom god has called. Let us now pray for these chosen whom god has brought to this point in their lives. May they remain faithful to him and boldly give witness to the words of eternal life.

  • That god may dispel darkness and be the light that shines in the hearts of our elect, let us pray to the lord....

  • That he may gently lead them to Christ, the light of the world, let us pray to the lord.

  • That our elect and our candidates may open their hearts to god and acknowledge him as the source of light and the witness of truth, let us pray to the lord.

  • That he may heal them and preserve them from the unbelief of the world, let us pray to the lord.

  • That all of us, by the example of our lives, may become in christ the light to these elect and chosen and to the world, let us prays to the lord.


Father of all mercy, source of unfailing light, by the death and resurrection of Christ you have cast out the darkness of hatred and lies, and poured forth the light of truth and love upon the human family.

Hear our prayers for these elect, whom you have called to be your adopted children.

Enable them to pass from darkness to light and, delivered from the prince of darkness, to live always as children of the light.

We ask this through Christ our lord.....amen

You are called. You are chosen.

Lord Jesus, you are the true light that enlightens the world. Through your spirit of truth empower these, your elect, your chosen, to proclaim the good news to the poor. Pour out your spirit on these elect, these chosen, who long for your sacraments. Guide them along the paths of right faith, safe from error, doubt and unbelief, so that with eyes open that they may come to see you face to face, for you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

Watch the entire 2nd Scrutiny

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