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R.C.I.A. Process

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


The greatest affirmation of the faith of a parish community is the presence of individuals seeking admittance to that faith community. Our parish is blessed by the presence our of catechumen and candidates. Our responsibility to these, our sisters and brothers, is a commitment of prayer and of good example.

With the third in a series of scrutinies, we join the entire church in praying for our sisters and brothers are they seek complete the sacraments of initiation.

Will John and Mary Alice please come forward and call the chosen, the elect by name.

Let us pray for these elect, these chosen, whom god has called. May the grace of the sacraments conform them to Christ in his passion and resurrection and enable them to triumph over the bitter fate of death.

Let us pray that these elect, that these chosen, may be given the faith to acknowledge Christ as the resurrection and the life, let us pray to the lord.

  • that they may be freed from sin and grow in the holiness that leads to eternal life, let us pray to the lord.

  • that liberated by repentance from the shackles of sin they may become like Christ by baptism, dead to sin and alive for ever in god's sight, let us pray to the lord.

  • that they may be filled with the hope of the life-giving spirit and prepare themselves thoroughly for their birth to new life, let us pray to the lord.

  • that the eucharistic food, which they are soon to receive, may make them one with Christ, the source of life and of resurrection, let us pray to the lord.

  • that all of us may walk in the newness of life and show to the world the power of the risen Christ, let us pray to the lord.

  • for all those that have died, especially (check name in bulletin), for whom this mass is offered, that they may come to share in the fullness of life on the last day, let us pray to the lord.



Father, source of all life, in giving life to the living you seek out the image of your glory and in raising the dead you reveal your unbounded power.

Free these elect, free these chosen, from the power of Satan and the tyranny of death. Place them under the grace of your son's resurrection and give witness to your glory. We ask this through Christ our lord.

Lord Jesus Christ, you commanded Lazarus to step forth alive from his tomb, and by your own resurrection freed all people from death.

We pray for these your elect, these your chosen, who seek full admittance into your church. Let them share in the fullness of your power through the triumph of your resurrection, for you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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