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Revised: October 31, 1995


The Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership: a true
partnership of business, non-profit and government leaders working
together to maintain the excellent working and living conditions in
the Greater Danbury Region known as the Housatonic Valley.

The Partnership:

Knows the region in detail.

	Will assist you with information you need about:
		Utility Availability and contacts
		Economic Development Data
		Business Start-up Information and Resources
		Key Contacts

Please call the HVEDP Director, Peg Daley at (203) 775-6256
	or fax a request to (203) 740-9167.

Peg is the HVEDP "point person". She will personally and confidentially
assist you to determine why you should expand or locate your business
in the Housatonic Valley Region or assist an existing business with
information and referrals.

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A. Created by Special Act 92-19 enacted May 6, 1992 effective
   October 1, 1992

1. Goals of the Act:
	a. Produce an analysis of existing economic strengths and
	   weaknesses in the region.
	b. Identify measures designed to improve the economy of
	   the region.
	c. Develop a strategy and timetable for the implementation
	   and completion of the identified measures.

2. The Region was defined: See Map

3. The Charge was: represent large and small businesses,
   chambers of commerce, trade organizations, not-for-profit
   organizations, labor organizations, legislators, chief elected
   officials, regional governmental organizations, and local
   governmental organizations residing or located in the region

4. Process approved June 19, 1992: The Housatonic Valley
   Council of Elected Officials (HVCEO) was  instrumental in the
   formation and process of HVEDP

5. Three (3) Focus Groups were established:

The focus groups met and nominated the Partnership Board of Directors.

6. The First Partnership meeting: Friday October 16, 1992
   Election of Officers

7. Grant application January 20, 1993 by HVCEO $50,000 approved
   April 5, 1993. Local match $22,000. Total $72,000 for Strategic

8. The Partnership Consists of all interested:

  • Officers of large and small businesses
  • Corporate CEO's
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Labor Organizations
  • Regional and Local Governmental Organizations (Housatonic Valley Region)
  • B.By-Laws of HVEDP

    To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


    DECD Commissioner or designee ex-officio with no voting power
    Private Sector
    	9 seats:
    	Broad Representation of Entire Business Community (4)
    	Chambers of Commerce (2)
    	Trade or Professional Organization,
    		Minority Business Enterprise (3)
    	Members (1995):
    	David Cole: CL&P
    	Samuel Hyman: Past President, Minority Business Association
    	Gary Lemme: Mortgage Vice president Union Savings
    		Bank of Danbury
    	Clarice Osiecki: President Greater Danbury
    		Chamber of Commerce
    	Michael Ryer: Ryer Associates
    	Gary Santini: FIDCO, Inc.
    	Roy Steiner: President, Berkshire Industrial Corp.
    	Jack Villodas: President, International Creative
    		Data Industries, Inc.
    	Charles Wrinn: President, Danbury Industrial Corporation
    Not-For-Profit Sector
    	5 seats:
    	Area not-for-profit organizations, academic, charitable,
    		social or health service (3)
    	Labor organizations (2)
    	Members (1995):
    	James Gleason: President, Danbury Central Labor Council
    	Frank Kelly: Chief Executive Officer, Danbury Health Systems
    	Dr. James Roach: President, Western CT State University
    	William Shannon: AFL-CIO
    	Marty Milkovic: President and CPO, United Way
    		Northern Fairfield County
    Governmental Sector
    	9 seats:
    	HVCEO members (2)
    	State Senator and Representative (1 Republican and 1 Democrat)
    	Regional governmental organizations (2)
    	Local EDC's (3)
    	Members (1995):
    	Robert Cascella: First Selectman, Newtown
    	Gene F. Eriquez : Mayor, Danbury
    	Evelyn Evagash: Newtown Economic Development Commission
    	Liba Furhman: Mayor, New Milford
    	Margaret Gagnon: Executive Director, Housatonic Valley Tourism
    	Robert Godfrey: State Representative 110th District of CT
    	Sue Manning: First Selectman, Ridgefield
    	Mark Nielsen:  State Senator, 24th district of CT
    	Howard Spengler: Chairman, New Milford Economic Development

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    Co-Chair:	Clarice Osiecki, President Greater Danbury Chamber of
    Co-Chair:	Liba Furhman, Mayor New Milford
    Vice Chair:	Bob Cascella, First Selectman Newtown
    Treasurer:	Chuck Wrinn, President Danbury Industrial Corp
    Secretary:	Marty Milkovic, President/CPO United Way of Northern
    		Fairfield County

    To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


  • Commonly shared vision of the region's Economic Future
  • Promote jobs with adequate pay and level of benefits to allow employees to afford to live in the Region
  • Preserve the quality of life in the region
  • Maintain and strengthen the diversity of the economic base
  • Develop the infrastructure needed for long term commercial, industrial and residential development
  • Strengthen regional leadership and capacity for long-term economic development

  • To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


    Building On Our Strengths:
    An Economic Strategy for the Housatonic Valley Region

    To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


  • Proximity to Markets (information to follow)
  • Labor Force (info to follow)
  • Quality of Life (info to follow)
  • Other (info to follow)
  • To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


  • New Enterprise and Small Business Development (Project: Business resource Directory in print and on-line)
  • Strengthening Existing Companies (Project: Business resource Directory in print and on-line)
  • Marketing and Targeting Industrial Clusters (Project: Marketing brochures in print and on-line)
  • Infrastructure Expansion (GIS Economic Development Infrastructure and zoning project}
  • Education and Training (Education/training resources available in print and on-line) (Workshop with respresentative businesses and education/training providers to assist business input into curriculum and knowledge of what is available)
  • To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


  • Photonics/optics In region over 1,000 employed in 20 companies
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies 28 firms, 1,600 employees Includes ultrasonics, robotics, factory automation test equipment
  • Metalworking Over 100 companies approx 4500 employees Includes fabrication, smelting and casting, and manufacture of machinery
  • Energy 15 companies, 1600 employees Power equipment, fuel cells, lighting and heating equipment, produce transformers, electrical power transmission components, production of combustion systems, battery production
  • Medical and Biomedical Products 16 companies, approx 2600 employees. In addition, Danbury and New Milford Hospitals employ 3700
  • Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Materials 12 firms, all smaller than 80 employees, total approx. 400 8 Specialty chemical and 4 advanced materials
  • Defense Industry 1/3 of companies surveyed had at least 5% of product 1/8 are selling 50% or more to government
  • Corporate Headquarters Union Carbide 1200 Ethan Allen 350 Duracell 550 FIDCO 200 including manufacturing First Brands 275
  • Business, Engineering, and Management Services Headquarters GE Capital backoffice, advertising companies, computer leasing firm 246 companies, approx 1750 employees in 1990
  • Tourism Music ( Ives Center, 3 symphony orchestras) Recreation Lodging Total Tourism Revenue for region $190.34 Million in 1992
  • To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index


  • Amphenol Corp/ R.F. Microwave operations Electronic components and accessories, coaxial connectors, switches, fiber optic components and cable assembly
  • Barden Corp Precision ball bearings, metal stampings and precision balls
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Corp Pharmaceudicals- production and research and corporation US headquarters
  • Branson Ultrasonic Corp Ultrasonic welding and cleaning equipment
  • Curtis Packaging Corporation manufacturing folding cartons
  • Danbury Hilton
  • Danbury Hospital
  • Danbury Printing and Litho Book and commercial printing
  • Danbury Publishing Company News Times newspaper
  • Davis & Geck, American Cyanamid Surgical sutures and hospital specialty products, medical devices
  • Dupont Company Biomedical instruments and centrifuges
  • Duracell International Inc. Corporate headquarters
  • Eaton Corp Pressure Sensors Division, military aerospace products, nuclear power safeguards Nuclear power safety guards/instruments
  • Ethan Allen Inc. Corporate headquarters
  • Fairfield Processing Textile fibers
  • Federal Correctional Institution
  • First Brands Corp Corporate headquarters, research and development of consumer plastics and automotive products
  • Fidco, Inc. ( Nestle subsidiary ) Food flavoring ingredients
  • G.E. Capital
  • Grolier Inc. Reference books, educational/children's books, publisher/distributor of encyclopedias
  • Heli-Coil Fastening Systems (Division of Black and Decker) Screw thread inserts
  • Hubbell Plastics Custom molded thermostats
  • Hughes Danbury Optical Systems, Inc. Optical instruments and lenses
  • Kimberly Clark Corp. paper products
  • Kinetic Instruments Inc.
  • Lorad Corp Manufacturers mammography systems
  • Micrognosis Corp Corporate headquarters and manufacture financial/trade information systems
  • Northeast Utilities
  • PHH Homequity Corp.
  • Photronic Laboratories Inc. Photomasks, encoder discs, precision artwork & photographic services, computer-aided design
  • Pitney Bowes, Inc. Business systems division: mailing inserters
  • Praxair, Inc. Industrial gases
  • Risdon Manufacturing Corp Cosmetic container division. finishing & assembly of metal and plastic cosmetic containers
  • Schein Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Schlumberger Doll Research Oil drilling research & drilling equipment
  • Sealed Air Corp. Packaging equipment, foam-in-place dispensing material machines
  • Taunton Press Publisher books, periodicals, video
  • Tenax Corp Customplatic injection molding, tooling, assembly and packaging
  • TUV Rhineland of N.A., Inc.
  • Union Camp Corp.
  • Union Cabide Corp Corporate headquarters
  • Western Connecticut State University
  • Young Industries
  • To the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Partnership Index