q       Troop 52 was founded in 1964, with the King Street United Church of Christ as the chartering organization. 

Chartering Organization:

q       The chartering organization is the troop's sponsor to Boy Scouts of America's national headquarters. In essence, BSA provides the program and services.  The chartering organization provides the facilities, adult leadership and delivers the program and services to the boys.

q       Our program is part of King Street Church's overall program of service to the youth of the surrounding community.

q       The chartering organization appoints one adult leader, a registered and trained Scouter, as its representative to our district, Scatacook, (www.scatacook.org), and our council, Connecticut Yankee, (www.ctyankee.org).  The Charter Organization Representative is Robert James.

Troop Committee:

q       The Troop Committee is a group of adult volunteers who are registered with Boy Scouts of America. The elected head of the committee is the Troop Committee Chairman. The troop committee has two responsibilities to the troop:

1.      Support the troop program that has been developed and planned by the boys.

2.      Handle the administrative aspects of the troop operation.

Adult Leadership:

q       It is the responsibility of the chartering organization to select a Scoutmaster for the troop. This responsibility is charged to the Charter Organization Representative and a selection committee chosen by the representative.

q       It is the responsibility of the Scoutmaster to select those adults he feels are qualified to hold the position of Assistant Scoutmaster. These recommendations are given to the Charter Organization Representative. The slate of candidates are the approved or disapproved by the troop committee.

q       It is the responsibility of the Charter Organization Representative and the troop committee to see that these adult leaders are properly trained in BSA policies, procedures and methods.

Troop Method:

q       The Boy Scout program is a boy run, adult guided program.

q       From Lord Baden-Powell, we learn the 97 most important words every adult leader in the Boy Scout movement knows and understands:

     "Every Boy Scout troop is made up of patrols, groupings of six to eight boys who work together as a team. Each patrol elects its own leader. The patrol leaders, with an elected Senior Patrol Leader as their head, form the Green Bar. It is the Green Bar's job to plan and run the troop program.   Each patrol leader represents his patrol on the Green Bar, and interprets to his patrol the plans and decisions the Green Bar makes. Patrols have their own meetings, elect their own officers, and plan and carry out their own patrol activities."

q       The Green Bar consists of the following youth leadership positions:
- Senior Patrol Leader
- Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
- Troop Scribe
- Troop Quartermaster
- Troop Historian
- Troop Librarian
- Troop Bugler
- Head Instructor
- Troop Guides
- Patrol Leaders



q       The proper dress for Troop 52 will be the official Boy Scout uniform. There will be no substitutes. Each Scout is expected to be in full Class A uniform at every meeting.  If uniforms are required for special events, travel and campouts, the Scouts will be notified in advance of the event.

q       The official BSA uniform consists of the following:

1.      Khaki shirt - Appropriate rank, including Arrow of Light, present rank, council strip, unit number, badge of office and trained strip if appropriate, red shoulder loops, quality unit award and patrol patch sewn on. Check the inside covers of your son's Boy Scout Handbook for correct locations.  It is recommended that parents purchase Scouts the short sleeve version of the shirt.  The long sleeve shirts are usually too hot for summer wear.  During winter months the short sleeve shirt can be worn over an appropriate colored solid green, red or beige long sleeve tee shirt.

2.      Scout pants - Official green pants with six pockets.

3.      Troop neckerchief - Each new Scout will have a green Troop 52 neckerchief. The  neckerchief is provided at no cost by the troop at the Webelos cross-over ceremony.

4.      Merit Badge Sash - To be worn displaying merit badges earned by the Scout. Worn over the right shoulder or folded in half and draped over belt with merit badges showing.

5.      Scout shorts - Official BSA issue with the six pockets. When weather permits, to be worn in conjunction with official BSA green socks with the red tops.

6.      Hat - The official hat will be the troop hat.

q       If you have difficulty in purchasing a uniform, please contact the Scoutmaster, the Committee Chairman, or any other adult volunteer. THE TROOP WILL NOT DENY ANY BOY THE BOY SCOUT PROGRAM BECAUSE OF FINANCIAL CONSTRAINT.