Advancement Process:

q       Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class may be worked on simultaneously, but must be earned in sequence. There are no time requirements for these ranks.

q       50% of campouts should be attended to advance to First Class. A campout is defined as three meals and one night of camping with the troop.

q       The ranks of Star, Life and Eagle all have requirements for time, merit badges, service hours which have been approved by the Scoutmaster prior to completion, and leadership positions. The Scout must show leadership beyond his assigned position within the troop. He should attend more than 50% of troop campouts. He must start to give back to the troop by sharing his knowledge and skills with other Scouts.

q       Each requirement must be signed by the Scoutmaster.

q       After all requirements are completed and signed, the Scout must contact the Scoutmaster to set up a time for a Scoutmaster Conference. Scoutmaster Conferences are not done during the troop meeting.

q       Once the Scoutmaster Conference is complete and all requirements are met for rank advancement, the Scout must contact the Advancement Chairperson so that the troop records can be updated and a Board of Review scheduled.

q       Boards of Review are required for the ranks of Tenderfoot through Life. An Eagle Board of Review is conducted by the District Advancement Chair along with the District Advancement Committee.

q       When a Board of review date has been set, the Scout will be notified by the Advancement Chair.

q       Upon successful completion of the Board of review, the Scout will advance to the next rank.

q       The Advancement Chair must be notified by the Scout of any potential rank advancements no later than 3 weeks prior to a Court of Honor or the advancement will be awarded at the next Court of Honor. The Scout will advance but will not receive recognition until the next Court.

q       Scouts will come to the Board of Review in a complete Class A uniform, consisting of a scout hat, scout shirt with proper emblems/ insignias sewn in the proper place, scout pants, scout belt, socks, shoes, neckerchief and slide. They will also bring their Scout Handbook, organized merit badges and any Scout awards earned. It is recommended that a binder be used to organize and save all Scout awards, rank information and materials.  A Board of Review may be rescheduled due to improper attire or if proper merit badges cards, etc. are not brought to the Board. 


Merit Badges:

q       Merit badges may be earned in any order.

q       No merit badges are required for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class ranks. Merit badges can be earned while working on these rank advancements. It is strongly recommended that the swimming merit badge be taken as one of the first merit badges.

q       Star rank requires 6 merit badges, including 4 of the required Eagle badges. One of these should be a Citizenship merit badge.

q       Life rank requires an additional 5 merit badges. 3 of these must be required Eagle badges. A second Citizenship merit badge should be earned at this point. The Scout will now have a total of 11 merit badges.

q       The Eagle rank requires a total of 21 merit badges. Of these, 12 must be from the required Eagle badges. The other 9 merit badges are of the Scout's choice.

q       The Boy Scout Handbook or the Boy Scout Requirement Book has a listing of all merit badges and further information.

q       Before any Scout begins work on any merit badge, he must first obtain a blue card from the Scoutmaster. The card must be signed and dated by the Scoutmaster.

q       After obtaining a blue card, the Scout must then contact a registered merit badge counselor. The Advancement Chairperson keeps a complete listing of all registered counselors in the District.

q       Once the merit badge is completed and the counselor has signed off on the blue card, the Scout must return the completed blue card to the Advancement Chairperson. The counselor will keep their portion of the blue card.

q       Merit badges are awarded at the Troop 52 Courts of Honor.

q       All completed blue cards must be turned into the Advancement Chairperson 2 weeks prior to the Court of Honor. If not, the merit badge will be awarded at the next schedule Court.

q       All blue cards and white merit badge cards must be saved. They are brought to all Boards of Review. Plastic baseball card sheets for 3-ring binders work well to organize these cards. The blue and white cards are proof to Council that the badge was earned and received in case of a mix up in records.

q       If you have any questions concerning advancement or merit badges, please contact the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Chairperson.