Exit 2 Service Project - Overview:

q       Troop 52 is a non-profit organization.  We do not receive any monetary support from our chartering organization.  Therefore, we are responsible for raising the funds needed to operate, to supply the proper equipment for the Scouts, and to pay for insurance coverage.  In addition to covering these expenses, the net proceeds earned at Exit 2 subsidize our camping trips, such as the rafting trip, ski trip and Feast.

q       For our service project, the troop staffs an outdoor hospitality stand at the Exit 2 rest area of Interstate 84 on selected holiday weekends.  We supply free coffee and donuts to travelers on the most heavily trafficked holidays.

q       The weekends are:
- Memorial Day
- 4th of July
- Labor Day
- Columbus Day
- Thanksgiving weekend

q       This service project / fund raising project is a major undertaking. We are required to staff the site 24 hours per day for the weekends we are there.  In addition, donut pick up runs are required to the Danbury area Dunkin' Donuts. In addition, the set-up and takedown of the operation requires numerous personnel. We ask all to share in this effort.

q       We ask that each family sign up for one 4 hour shift per weekend. Sign ups for shifts are done at the Tuesday night troop meetings in advance of the weekend. Pick up coordination also takes place at the troop meetings.

q       Each Scout who completes the minimum number of shifts will receive a credit towards summer camp.

q       The troop treasurer keeps updated attendance records for each Scout and his family.

q       We strongly encourage each Scout to be "Thrifty", to save his money and earn part of his way to summer camp. Our fund raising program offers each Scout in the troop that opportunity.