Camping Program:

q       We would like to stress several important points at this juncture for the Scout's health, safety and comfort.

q       The troop camping program is partially a backpacking program.  The Scouts are only to bring absolute necessities on campouts.  Electronic gear such as Walkmans and Game Boys are not allowed on campouts.

q       In addition to their personal gear, they will be required to carry troop and patrol gear in or on their backpacks.  This will include items such as tents, cook sets, empty water jugs, entrenching tools, saws, rope and food.  Weight will become a very important factor.  The recommendations made in this packet have been made with all of the above in mind. Experience has taught us a lot in the past years.  Keep these points in mind when purchasing equipment.

q       Let your Scout pack his own gear.  He really does know what he needs to pack and in what quantity.


Courts of Honor:

q       Two or three Courts of Honor are scheduled each year.  They are the troop equivalent of the monthly pack meetings that most of you still remember.

q       The primary purpose for Courts of Honor is to publicly recognize rank advancement and the earning of merit badges.  Any other praise-worthy accomplishment by a scout or an adult volunteer is also recognized.  Examples might include election to Order of the Arrow, special awards from summer camp, and changes in youth or adult leadership positions.

q       Courts of Honor are also excellent opportunities to share information.  Presentations like Friends of Scouting are often made at these functions.

q       Attendance by scouts and parents/guardians is strongly encouraged.  

Scout Sunday:

q       Annually, on the first or second Sunday in February, the scouts and adult leaders of Troop 52 actively participate in a Sunday morning service at King Street United Church of Christ.  Scouts perform the readings, provide musical accompaniment, etc.  This is an opportunity for the troop to share its accomplishments (and showcase the scouts) with the general membership of our chartering organization.

q       Attendance by scouts and parents/guardians is strongly encouraged.  

Summer Camp:

q       Beginning in the summer of 2001, Troop 52 selected Camp Sequassen in New Hartford, CT as the site of the annual week-long summer camp.  The feedback from the scouts and adults who attended this inaugural session was overwhelmingly positive.

q       An information packet is prepared and distributed to parents in early spring of each year, with costs, packing lists, medical requirements, etc.

High Adventure:

q       Based on input from the older scouts, an optional week-long “high adventure” campout is planned for each summer.

q       In recent years, these high adventure outings have included hiking the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and a canoe trip on 90 miles of the Allagash river in Maine.