Sequassen packing list




Miscellaneous stuff

Sleeping bag

2 class “A” uniform. (Shirt, pants, hat, neckerchief, socks, slide)

Spending money


2 (or more) scout shorts



7 class “B” shirts


Day pack

7 pairs of underwear


Cup/ mug

7 pairs of socks (scout or otherwise)


Pocket knife


Water bottle

Camp chair if deemed necessary.

Flip flops

Toten’ chip

Eating utensils

Hiking boots

Firemen chip

Plate /bowl

Long pants

Foot locker

Matches(if you have a fireman chip)

A few pairs of normal clothes for in the campsite

Lock for foot locker

Clothes line (twine rope)

2 swimsuits

Duct tape

Bug netting

2 towels ( 1 bath and one for the water)


Poles for bug netting

1 sweatshirt

Bug spray

Fishing pole


Sun screen

Batteries (the size your flashlight uses)


Merit badge pre-requisites.

Med kit (optional)

Rain gear (it will rain)




  1. $30 of spending money is recommended, but if you are taking basket weaving bring more as you will be required to but many things for the merit badge.
  2. If you are taking swimming, bring a pair of lightweight pants and a button down shirt.
  3. There are no sandals allowed outside of the shower house or the campsite, however it is strongly recommended that you bring flip flops for the shower house.
  4. If you are taking more than one water merit badge, or are planning on spending a lot of time in the water, bring a third towel.
  5. It is strongly recommended that you bring a reusable hard plastic water bottle, not a disposable. Nalgenes or other non-name brands are the usual 
  6. First year scouts should not worry about the toten’ chip or the fireman chip, they have not had a chance to earn them. They will however get a chance to earn their toten’ chip at camp.
  7. In the way of bug netting, DO NOT buy the screen tent type. They do not fit around the bunks. That being said, there is bug netting available in the camp store, which will be open while the parents are there.
  8. A plate, bowl, and eating utensils are not really necessary, but if you are taking cooking merit badge, it is recommended.
  9. Bring a fishing rod if you are taking fishing, but it is not recommended otherwise. There aren’t many fish in the lake.
  10. Sheets are useful, it is hot at camp and this allows for a scout to be more comfortable.