Connecticut Yankee Council                    Boy Scouts of America
Administration of Medication to Campers
To:   All parents, Scouts and Scouters attending Camp Sequassen
From: Camp Director
Re:   Administration of Medication(s) to your son

We are delighted your son will be camping at Camp Sequassen this 
summer! We would like to inform you of the Connecticut Yankee Council, 
Boy Scouts of America Health and Safety Committee's policy on medication 
at Camp Sequassen. This policy complies with the National Standards of 
the Boy Scouts of America and the State of Connecitcut

Administration of Medication Forms are required of all youth 
and adults attending Camp Sequassen.

Over the counter medications may be administered to your son by our Camp
Health Officer, with your consent, when indicated, for these conditions:
Colds:            Robitussin DM, Throat Lozenges
Sprains:          Tylenol or Advil
Constipation:     Milk of Magnesia
Swimmer's Ear:    Corticosporin Otic Drops
Diarrhea:         Kaopectate
Allergies:        Benadryl
Wounds:           Bacitracin

If your child is allergic to any of these medications, please indicate below:
My son is allergic to: __________________________________________________

Please DO or DO NOT (circle one) administer any over the counter medications
to my son _________________________.
Signature of Parent/ Guardian

Printed Name of Parent/ Guardian