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Uploading Files to the Server  Using FrontPage

  • You may use FrontPage to connect to the CNET server or use an FTP program. Files can be set up on your website so that it can be accessed using the FrontPage program. This in no way will limit you from using a FTP program.
  • As usual, you can use the FrontPage Editor to work on your pages locally and then when done, save the files and FTP them up. The other option is to work on the files directly on our server and only use FTP for backup purposes.
  • To use FrontPage to work directly on our server.
  • Start FrontPage Explorer.
  • Go to File (if there are other windows open in FrontPage click cancel).
  • Select Open FrontPage web
  • Click on More Webs in the window that will come up
  • In the top box on this next screen type in www.danbury.org
  • Then click on List Webs
  • A list of web sites will soon appear (this process will take up to a minute depending on your connection speed)
  • Pick your website and click ok
  • It will then ask you for your username and your password (enter them in as usual)
  • You then should see a list of your images and files.... Proceed as normal and edit away...


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